Lentan Sacrifice

Sunday Sermon

There is a story in the Old Testament (in the Bible) about the sacrifice that Abraham was supposed to make to make to God. It was the sacrifice of his only dear son. An important point to note is that Abraham and his wife did not have children for many years. He became a father only in his 90’s. In the intervening time, he was also prone to self doubt and loss of faith to the lord. His most precious offering thus, could not have been more painful for him.

Yet, there was Abraham that fateful day, with his son at the altar and a knife in another hand. We cannot begin to comprehend such a sight. It seems to speak of unfathomable crudeness. Yet, we cannot deny this. This is what is written. This is what God asked.

Just as Abraham is about to strike his son and complete the offering, Goa sends an angel to stop him. Then Abraham is of course, relieved and happy; for God has spared his only Son. But God only asked him to do that as a test of his faithfulness. We often say, we will follow God in whatever we do; we will do as he asks. But yet, when God asks us for the ultimate sacrifice, where do we stand? Do we truly believe that we would be able to leave behind the ties of this world and go forth and truly do as God asks us?

God did not let Abraham sacrifice his Son. But yet he sacrificed his own, so that our sins may be forgiven. So that we may have a shot at eternal life and salvation.

This lent, we need to understand, that there is nothing wrong with blindly trusting God. I am sure that was the only reason Abraham went on to the very end, with what God wanted him to do. It was not because he had such fear in the lord , or because he had so little love for his son. On the contrary, it was because of his great love and faith for God that he went on to do God’s will.

What did he lose by it?


On the contrary, God promised him that his further generations will number as many as the stars in the sky or as many as the grains on sand on the shore.

What do we stand to lose by trusting God so much?

Nothing. Instead, we stand to gain more than we even imagined.

We are half way in the season of lent. The 40 days before the death and resurrection of Christ (Easter). This is the time for us to undergo radical abandonment of our daily ties and sins. Its time to leave all that we have behind, and move out of our old hollow shell. Sometimes, what we may perceive as pain and suffering may truly be the only way that God can purge us of our sins and move us to that plane above the everyday joys and sorrows, where we truly become one with the universe, and with its creator.

It is after all only when we reach the depths of despair in our soul that we are able to touch that raw energy in our soul that enables us to become uncommon heroes.


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