The art of Extreme Sleeping

The art of extreme sleeping is not something that can develop overnight. Its hard. It takes months, no… possibly even years to perfect. The state of blissful unconsciousness is something that usually fills me with a sense of well being and content. If you follow the path of perfecting this art rigorously, you will have discovered one of the finest pleasures in life.

After all, what are dreams made of if not from sleep?

Give me a chair, and I will sleep soundly. I do not find a pillow necessary, but I would always appreciate one. That’s on my top 3 list of gifts I would like—pillows. (All my darling friends reading this, please note ).

I am happiest on the weekend snuggled in bed lost amidst my multitude of pillows. Edrea does NOT share her pillows. Given that I live away from home, my sleeping habits are not as actively discouraged when I go home , and of course in Pune I am the big boss.My friends know my priorities very clearly. Its sleep first, the rest comes after I open my eyes.

Being a firm believer in the power of afternoon siesta’s, I cannot help being disappointed that our current U.S.-driven culture has not stopped to think sufficiently and consider the wonders that a power nap can do. Each to his own after all. I prefer the wonders of an action packed 6-7 hours, rather than a rather than an in-between 8 hours any day.

Tips to sleep:

* Pretend that you have to wake up. It always works for me.
* Study something. Text books have always worked wonders.
* Watch a boring movie or sitcom. I have fallen asleep this way too.
* Eat a lot. Obvious.
* Look at the picture of the yawning baby at the start of this post.

These should work. If they don’t, I would think its because you have not stopped thinking. Remember what I said in the beginning “Its hard.”

Groan! Now I am feeling all wooozy. Gd’ nite … Gd’ morning … Gd’


Unknown said...

Hilarious :) Edie's secret tips for a good long sleep is finally out!! :P

Cosmos said...

Haha Edrea.. Funny indeed! and soo true... :D


Anonymous said...


Sameer said...

Awesome tips. But I've tried em all - I'm the worst case patient. What can I do?

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