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A formal greeting has been one of the corner stones that has been characteristic of most of out modern civilizations. Whether its was for the weather , or the time of day .. or even of the state of one another’s health.

Is it the term of acknowledgment? Or is it a term used to show care or concern?

Either way there is more than the superficial meaning that we bestow upon those small but very crucial words.

Being caught up in our own world we often fail to acknowledge or recognize the wholesomeness that those good manners that our parents and grand parents tried to imbibe in us.The crucialness of those mannerisms is of course lost today , given that we live in a very floating society anyway. The rigid hierarchies and customs are more lost and out of place in our communities today.

The lives of our next door neighbors need not concern us, as ours need not concern them. Privacy has become the need of the hour.

But I often wonder , the more we pull away from peoples warm touch , does it merely point to a greater need to be part of something akin to those close knit communities that our societies all were based upon all those many years before?

And to think that it can all begin with a formal greeting.

Sometimes the wonders of the world are in the fact, that there may be such complex consequences as repercussions, to the simplest of actions.

Do we find ourselves lacking in grace today? Then perhaps its time to turn around and say hello to the person next to you…its time for some chat and some smiles.


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