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Quote - Bob Marley

Found at the Hidden Place in Pune

Calvin and Hobbes -looking at the stars



What is this magical word?

Call it the feel-good factor, the contentment and peace of a craic that got a lot of fuzzy warmth into your tiered limbs, or even the balance of the yin and the yang inside you.

Recently, I read about a woman's search for what made her most happy. Translation: What got her Oxytocin levels to the highest?

An interesting test when you consider how easy it is to please a woman.
There is of course, spending time with your loved ones, best friends, always shopping,..and in my case sleeping too, but I guess that wont be counted. It seems to be more a collection of activities in my perceptive and lucid state.

This woman too took a couple of "tests".
1. She went on a date.
2. She spent time with her daughter. (I suppose that means she is a single mother)
3. She met up with her best friend.
4. She went shopping.

How did it rate?
Well, she thought that the flutter of her heart and the butterflies in her stomach (signs that she enjoyed her date to be sure) sort of guaranteed that it would win hands down. But guess what, that turned out to have got her Oxytocin levels up the lowest (yes, I do see the Oxymoron here). The shopping did better that that though.
Spending quality time with her friend seemed to have done wonders to her too. But undoubtedly, hearing her daughter say the magic three words shot her Oxytocin through the roof!

I conclude that it is perhaps not the tingles and the stars that we see or feel that make us the happiest. Its peace, plain and simple. A warm hug from your loved ones, a sweet word, or a thoughtful act these bring joy not just in other people, but in ourselves as well.

We look for thunder and lightning and goodness knows what sort of signs of magic. We forget that magic is an art so advanced, its signs are but the most subtle.


To Fight Poverty, Invest in Girls

To Fight Poverty, Invest in Girls
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