Sunday sermon

Would we love for nothing?

Would we love our partner not motivated by looks , charm , intelligence or money…

Our parents we may argue , what do we have loving them .. but that’s again about dependence being a reason , and perhaps subsequently we love them as a habit..

We have many religious books telling us to love without reason , season.. do what ever you have as a task un conditionally..

There should not be motive in our actions , for example we work for the sake of work , we love for the sake of love .. in doing so we become self – less , we become part of the cosmos ( as many spiritual books might put it .. also the speaking tree on many occasion aka. TOI ).

When a child is born , it is the cosmos .I had read that when the child feels when it moves , it is that the universe is moveing, when it cries , the universe cries .The child and universe are one single entity.Its not that the universe will cry along with it , for that accounts to 2 seperate and unique identities…It is separated from this universe as it grows and finds a identity in self.. this identity is but the EGO..

Ego can perhaps be equated to fear in many occasion ; fear of rejection , fear of failure ;fear in its most pure , raw , unadulterated form.

Great spiritual teachers like the Buddha often spoke about the ‘enlightenment’

What is it then ? Could it be described as losing ones ‘self’ into the ‘cosmos‘?

Imagine a dark empty void .. that’s what I imagine the cosmos as.. but then again … I can also imagine a cloud of white light in its most pure , raw , unadulterated form..

Is it for most part , the interpretation of ‘self’, either as part of the ‘darkness’ or the ‘light’ then ?.

The 'self ' again can be classfied as the conscious and the sub- conscious , are these two parts of us in sync?

Do we listen to the little voice in our head?.. we may give it many names from the conscience to the sixth sense , or perhaps we can even call it that part of the cosmos that we have not managed to adultrate with our worldly experiences….

Ah.. these musings…


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