Merry Christmas (Snowflake and z bubble)


Christmas Time is Near

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Multi Lingual

Recently, I noticed a trend where a lot of my friends on Facebook (ya ya.... im going on about Fcbk again) updated their "Language".

I am in an utter dilemma.

English: Check. I excel.
Portuguese: Umm.... spoken.. not written... more like portglish.
French: Written... not spoken.
Konkani: Terrible.
Hindi: A joke. My attempts are legendary.

What shall I say in that text box?
Oh yes.. of course...I am not obliged to say anything.

The force is with me.

What is the new "M" mart?

Here is an idea that will put shaddi.com, bhata-matrinomy.com and all the rest out of business. I am not much of a pub hopper so I have no idea about the "networking" that goes on there, but I guess its similar to our good old aunti-ji's who try to do us a favor .
This idea is marvelous, simple, and right there in your face. Literally.


Its amazing how many people virtually met and became "friends" on Facebook. Fast forward about a year or two.. maybe three or four, who knows (or cares), we find the friends have become the significant "other". Next we see less or more of them and are updated about holidays, kids, cars, and all that. You don't need much rocket science after that. The cycle of life.

Anyway, Facebook is the way to go. The aunti-ji's have not all discovered it yet. I tell you people, this will be an absolute gold mine for them.

I am not telling. I am just saying. If you know what I mean.

Things I learnt today

Lesson 1: Dreams do come true
I was fantasizing about Tim Horton's amazing hot chocolate and life just took an interesting turn and provided me with an opportunity.

Lesson 2: With every opportunity come challenges
For example, balancing a cup of hot chocolate while commuting in a subway that's packed with rush-hour traffic is quite a juggling feat. One that I could use a bit of polishing with.

Lesson 3: Life has interesting twists and turns, even if it means you get lost now and then.
Example: Look what I stumbled upon.
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