Movie Review: Avatar

Awesome! Unbelievable! Mind blowing! Spectacular!

I am not even going to wait for the end of this post to say all this, cause after seeing this masterpiece of visual effects last night, I can barely keep myself from jumping up-and-down my seat as I am typing this.

I am not a really big movie person, and usually prefer watching a movie at the most one time at home. And if the movie is special enough for me to play it again, I usually move straight to the interesting snippets. But I am ready to go back to the theater today and watch the movie all over again.


Typical. Nothing earth-shattering here with the exception of the twist that human beings are not always the good guys. It has a sweet and light romance too; smart Na’vi girl who initially thinks she is stuck with a moron of a humanoid guy-in-a-Na’vi body, but you can guess what spending time with a moron does to the femme fatal in the movies

The earthlings are in some fancy space ship and around a planet named Pandora in 2154. Its commerce that drives them there. They seek to mine a very valuable rock-thing called unobtamium. Of course the natives, who are gentle nature-loving beings, will have nothing to do with it. Armed with just bows and poisonous arrows, can they beat the guns and awesome weaponry of the sky walkers (that’s us earthlings)?

Visual Effects:

This is where I would have given them a standing ovation all through the night and morning too (if I lasted that long). Spell binding is the word. At the end of the first half, I was already so excited by what I saw (though the story had not picked up too much pace till then) that I was already making plans to watch it again… in 3D of course (Did I mention, this was my very first 3D movie.. and what an amazing experience it turned out to be).

James Cameron.. you are amazing dude! The movies beauty comes not from the excessive ornateness on screen, or the visual lightning and sound effects, but simply because its truly out-of-this-world. The visuals will leave you gasping and fill in your senses inside out. They totally rocked mine. I can’t remember being so excited after seeing a movie for… well… I have no idea since when. The music scores are worth a hear too.


The ideas of the future look utterly amazing. One really cool thing was this; imagine u are checking out something on your PC screen.. and you want to keep checking for updates or something while you are walking elsewhere. What do you do?? Wellll….. you use your finger tips to drag the image from the PC screen, and drop it on your hand-held tablet, and keep checking it out as you are walking about. How awesome is that!!!! And I loved it cause its so very possible.
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