Esscence of change

We are the change we think we are. The power of the mind cannot be understated. Usually we accept only that change which we initiate. We are resistant to modifications in schedules that we have become accustomed to.
Is change bad or good?
I would say neither. Change is like a fact of life. Its there, whether you want it or not. Best accepted.
It would be best of we could channelize our energy and move in the direction of the current. And remember that we can change course along the way, for we are blest with a pair of eyes that allow us to see whats coming up ahead. Missed chances and opportunities are part and parcel of that great plan that we are not aware of. They are threads that should not have been picked anyway, else we will not get that glorious pattern of life that has a way of showing you that what is best for you, is truly better than your imagination can ever think of.
And there are always signs, hints, or whatever else you can call it.
These are markers that show us lifes lessons that are yet to come, or be learnt if we do not pick up the markers.
C'est la vie.


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