Book Review: The Bridge of Madison County

The Bridge of Madison County

A novel

By , Robert James Waller

It begins with a rather strange dedication , “For the peregrines”

That’s a very ambiguous term when used as ‘descriptively ’ as it was used , it could mean a traveler from a far away land or even a variety of falcons.

Then the story begins…

“There are songs that come free from the blue eyed grass…”

A very beautiful start from one of the most amazing novels I have ever read.

And its not even the beginning of the story of the book , its more the start of the authors deep and profound journey through the lives of two simple and extremely cosmic individuals (the usage of the word cosmic will be understood only if you read the book , and you should by all means).

Being a bit of a romantic girl , the experience of emotions , not just through the story (which is simplicity itself) , but also through the profoundness that the author has written the book left me on a roller coaster of emotions.

There is a piercing sweetness , a haunting melody that will play in your ear ..

I do not like sad stories , but this one while technically classified as sad , will leave you with the taste of “autumn leaves” and multi colored sunsets..

This is a true story , between a man , a woman , and the fate that got them together and then separated them , but left them tied as “willing slaves in each others hearts”. It is passion and love of the most purest and universal form.

I do not know if I could do justice to this book , its just around 170 pages , that too in large (comparatively) font , but the punch it packs is that which very few books manage to capture.

If there is one book that you read throughout the year , I would strongly advise you to make it this one.


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