Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

Do you remember your mother or grandmother telling you the most amazing stories when you were young? Do you remember feeling the utter rapture that you are encompassed with when you hear those magical tales being spun? Those tales are about princesses/heros or even normal little girls/ boys like you and me who do such amazing and extraordinary things. It makes you feel quite special because at the end of it what you are left with is excellent story telling... not forgetting the plot too of course.

This movie stars Hiccup, the teenage viking un-extrodinaire who cant seem to get him self out of trouble ( I believe "fearless" would have been a better name for him as he does not seem to get the concept of quitting early and start running).
Anyways, back to Hiccup who will also be the narrator, he stays in an old village with new houses.
Oh my! How strange is that? This movie got my attention right away....

Some villages have floods, some have famine, and others have an excess of dragons running over their country side (Ah! Hence the new houses)...

Poor dear Hiccup is more of our oddball stereotypical brain versus the brawn of the stereotypical Viking men. Enter stunning teenage Viking girl and the unexpected training of a dragon. And you think that can make out the rest of the plot. But believe me... you would not have got it all.. you would have only just got the end!!

This movie has funny and riveting dialog and very interesting dragon action going on.

This is what the movies should be about! Rediscovering the art and magic of story telling.

I watched it in 3D... it totally rocks!
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