Independent Democratic "Changes"?

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

These words were resounding in my mind as I was reading the headlines today.
I will frankly admit, I have been rather lax in staying abreast with the latest happenings in our country these days. But as I open the news and begin to go through it, it is like I had never left. Kasab is still in jail; the new addition is a trail of clues that leads to the Maldives.
Aarushi, a young daughter of two highly-educated parents, who was found murdered is a case that has gone cold. Fingers pointed to the domestic help, and then to the parents. The only thing certain is that the killer had helped him/herself to whiskey around the time the dreadful deed was committed.

Does India care?
Some part of me cringes when I see stories fading into oblivion, just because they need to be replaced with something more current or jaw dropping. Mostly, these are not just stories, but people's lives. But there is hope. I will live on that feeling (along with love and fresh air :P ).

Some people refuse to read the news as they say (rightly) it's almost always sad, never posting much about the happy stuff in the world. I agree. But I still prefer reading that mostly-sad news.
Not to satisfy some sadistic streak in me, but to become aware. No news is bad news too.

Keep the “old” news going . Love it or hate it. Free independent news rocks.


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