Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Enter two characters on a forest-like stage.
Friend 1: I'm sorry man!
Friend 2:Dudeee .. what are you sorry for??! I am the one who blew up everything...

Ah... the wonders of friendship. In many ways, I find this movie celebrating it. No matter how nutty, narcissistic, or psyched you may be, you can always rely on the magic of your friendship to being light through your days. Even if your days are numbered thanks to palladium in the reactor (that keeps your heart beating) that is also turning out to be poisoning your blood... The things that happen when you are Tony Stark.

So you have saved the world once.. and managed world peace (it looks like) for a while.
What are your new challenges?
1. Tell a certain Miz Potts that she is the CEO of your company and then try to make her come for a romantic holiday to Venice < insane men in this world! Don't they realize its hard running a company! >
2. Save the world (again)... cause your dad wasn't the only one who had the reactor plans < enter whip-lashing villain >
3. Stop your blood poisoning
4. Stop the U.S. military from "trying" to steal your amazing piece of amour
5. Learn to cook an omelette < in about 3 hours>

Whew! It isn't easy after you are done saving the world once is it?

This movie may not have me raring to go for the part-3 , but it sure is good anyway. Watch this for time pass... no ground breaking stuff here.

But there is this really amazing red hair vixen that you may well keep your eyes on :)

Ahh... suspense is such a wonderful thing.


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