Movie Review: Julie and Julia

Well.. this is a habit I missed .. my blogging!! :)

Anyway getting back to the main topic under discussion–Julie and Julia.

Released a while back, it tells the story of two serventless lasses in their own separate times, and how the love of cooking unites them (in a way).

Julia Child is the wife of an American foreign service officer who has just come to Paree (Paris , but I just love saying it the way the French do ;) ) sometime after the 1st or 2nd world war. She is looking for ways to do something, as being a decorative ornament in her husbands life just does not suit her gregarious personality. After multiple try’s (and failures) she finally realizes, thanks to her adorably sweet husband that what she really likes to do is eat!! (Yeah right. And I thought I was one of the last eating lover around).

So she resolves to get a diploma from the advanced course of some culinary college, where with her never-say-die attitude and happy-go-lucky nature she wins over the master chef (you have to see it to believe it, cause when she started that course she didn’t know how to even chop an onion :P ). Then comes the major plot of how she writes her world-winning French cooking book (the book is real people)…

Getting to Julie now. She is our 21st century girl next door, who loves her cooking, and is stuck in a job that she can’t stand. She is drowning in the misery of being the least accomplished of all her friends who are busy chasing mullti-million dollar deals. Having a knack of leaving things unfinished, she is trying to turn things around with the help of her amazingly wonderful hubby (girls eat your eyes out with this guy), who with his wholesome charm and optimistic attitude, convinces Julie to finish Julia’s cookery book of some 500+ recipes in 365 days (that’s one year), and blog about her experiences.

She faces some questions all of us bloggers asked ourselves at one point of time like, does anyone eVeR read my blog :( ???!!! It makes her more real for me.

The challenges Julie faces as she embarks on this seemingly impossible journey is what makes this story endearing in its I’m-the-girl-nest-door-who-is-not-perfect plot. Oh yes… and how can I forget the amazing shots of the various yummy french food.

This movie reminds me of the amazing feeling of a warm baguette with butter (Oh yes.. did I mention, this movie supports what I have been saying all along… you can NEVER have enough of butter!! )….

Bon Appetite Mes Amies!!

Summary: Watch it!


Cosmos said...

Very well written Edrea! I will surely watch it when I get a chance - the foodie that I am, can't afford to miss this one! :P

" can NEVER have enough of butter!!"
---> I sooo sooo sooo agree with you!!! :)

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